10 Reasons Why He Is Pulling Away




Many of us have been in a situation where we’ve abruptly ended a relationship. Sometimes it’s because of bad timing, sometimes, things just get stale, and sometimes one person initiates the breakup. Either way, it can be tough finding yourself alone for the first time in a long time, even though you might not want to be.

10 Reasons Why He Is Pulling Away

Here are ten reasons why He Is pulling away

1. He’s been with you too long

A lot of people get into relationships because they’re lonely. They find someone to replace the emptiness they feel inside with a warm body. As time goes on, they can’t remember what attracted them to the person. There is no more mystery; there are no more feelings of lust or admiration – the relationship has just become a habit. When they start entertaining thoughts of breaking away, they often convince themselves that this person is all they’ll ever need and that it would be unfair to stay with them. You might have started dating when your partner was vulnerable or when you felt lonely. Relationships often get stale because, in the beginning, we usually meet our future partner through a circumstance where we are both vulnerable and need the comfort of someone.

2. His attention is going elsewhere

If he’s been spending all of his time with others, he obviously doesn’t enjoy who he has been with you over the past period. That’s not to say that you’re good or bad, but something might be missing in your relationship that they find elsewhere. If you genuinely love this person, you must accept that things will change and leave us alone. After all, they’re doing us a favor by allowing us to walk away when we don’t want to do so any longer.

3. He wants more than you can offer

We all want to be loved and cared for – this is a basic human need. When we’re in a relationship, we often go through the motions without really thinking about how it’s making us feel on the inside. If you and your partner go the same way in life, you might be stuck with him. If he wants something more than what you can give him (like kids or a career), he might feel like you’re holding him back. Sooner or later, one person will walk away because they think they’re better off without the other person.

4. You’re taking advantage of his excellent nature

Sometimes we do things in relationships without realizing that our partner is capable of much more than we give them. We tend to take their actions and kindness for granted, and this causes them to decide to walk away. If your partner isn’t getting the attention they need, they’ll move on.

5. You don’t like them after all

When you start drifting apart, either party rarely tells the other person what’s going wrong. This is especially true if one person has decided to end the relationship; most people will let it fade away because it’s what seems most accessible for everyone involved. Sometimes, the other party doesn’t realize they’re losing interest because they’ve become complacent. If you think you’re involved with someone who is no longer compatible with you or who’s not very deep or intelligent, this will probably end badly.

6. He has a hard time saying no

Some people have problems saying ‘no’ because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or because they feel like it’s what everyone wants to hear. They’ll take on whatever responsibilities come their way, even if there are too many things for one person, and it takes its toll on them emotionally or physically. If you’ve been badgering him to change or make a decision, he might walk away instead of hurting your feelings.

7. He feels trapped

If you live together or are in something with an expiration date (like being in college), then your partner might not want to make plans for the future because it feels like things are getting dull or you’re putting pressure on them. If you’ve been with them for a long time and have no plans, one person might decide it’s simply time to move on.

8. You’re no longer giving him what he wants

We all have needs, and if we aren’t getting them met in a relationship, then we’ll look elsewhere to get them fulfilled. If you aren’t fulfilling your boyfriend’s emotional needs, he’ll start to feel like he’s not important enough to you. Just because a man makes more money than you or has a higher-paying job doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s more important: We all want to be loved and cared for emotionally by those around us. If your partner is having trouble expressing their feelings of frustration with communication (or lack thereof), they might walk away.

9. You’re too easy to please

Some women, in particular, are often afraid of feelings in a relationship, so they do their best to keep everything happy and cheery. They don’t want to rock the boat because they feel like this is what keeps everyone together. However, this is not very healthy, and it leaves both parties feeling unsatisfied. Eventually, one person will get sick of maintaining the current situation and decide to want something more.

10. He spends all of his money on you

If this happens, he might walk away – even if he loves you. If he’s spending all of his money on you but getting nothing in return (i.e., feeling loved and appreciated for who he is), it won’t last long. He’ll start resentful and realize that this relationship is no longer worth his time or energy.

In conclusion, if you’re noticing that your relationship is going down the drain and that you have noticed these signs, then don’t be afraid to admit it. There’s nothing wrong with feeling disappointed in him because he’s not treating you right. We’re all human and have wishes and dreams, so try not to hold on too tightly and let go of what’s no longer working for you. You might be surprised how someone else walks away because of their own needs and wants – or they just want a break from you altogether.


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