You can apply for the job by posting comment below. Provide links to your portfolio and your rate for the work as specified below.

1. Logo Design

The task is to design a logo for our blog 

The logo design will be a linear outline vector image depicting Florida’s skyline, building, landmarks beaches etc

The logo will contain

  • A linear outline vector image from Florida, it could be either Miami Skyline or something popular from Florida.
  • Text Florida Psychics written below the vector image

Blend the image and text together to create a nice professional looking logo.

You need to redesign the linear vector image so that it doesn’t look like a copy of any other designs. You can redesign, or mix skylines/buildings or remove some of the skylines/buildings and make it unique.


Square Size 1024×1204


Layered PSD or Sketch files only. If you care designing logo in AI or in any other app then you will have to convert it into PSD.

Examples of such linear outline vector images are:

2. Article Writers

I’m looking for expert article writers to write 1000 words articles on following topics

  • Love & Relationship
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Astrology
  • Psychics
  • Tarot Reading

Apply with the rate for writing 1000 words.


144 responses to “Jobs”

  1. Ethan Davis Avatar

    I would like to apply for the Logo Design position. I have 3 accumulative years of experience in the Graphic Design field and have built numerous logos for businesses ranging from non-profits, apparel brands, and universities.

    1. Nina Harris Avatar

      Hello Ethan, I’ve replied to you by email.

      1. Vishal raj Avatar
        Vishal raj

        Hello mam can give me your email address i will send you my logo and price of my logo

      2. Alidesignzz Avatar

        Nina Harris

        Can we have a quick chat & start working on it ?

        please dm @ iamalimemon1 @

      3. Viktoria Avatar

        Hello. My name is Victoria.
        I’m a graphic/web designer, I’m interested in your offer
        I am proficient in programs such as photoshop, illustrator, figma
        My price is from $100 per project, the exact amount will be known after discussing the details
        You can see my works at the link:
        Not all works, if interested, I can throw
        – telegram:
        – mail:

  2. Cori Biserchich Avatar

    With over 6 years expereince in the design industry, I am confident I can help you with your logo.

    I have extensive experience in the Adobe Creative Suite and with programs such as Webflow and Figma.

    My rate is normally 45/hr, but I can do a flat rate of 800$ for your logo.

    I’d also like to let you know your website could do with some design consistency to really hone in on a brand identity. That would be something to do after you have your logo, to tie in colors or other aesthetics.

    I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your personal needs, goals, and projects. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,
    Cori Biserchich

    1. Nina Harris Avatar

      Hello Cori, Thanks for replying. Unfortunately your estimate for a simple logo design work is beyond our budget.

  3. Aleksandrs Semetovs Avatar

    Hi! I will made this logo for free. Time to make gifts

    1. Nina Harris Avatar

      Hello, I’ve contacted you by email.

      1. Jayesh memagara Avatar
        Jayesh memagara

        Hope you are doing well !! I just came across your post on that you are looking for a Logo designer So, I would like to assist you with the same. Because I have 7.5+ Years of experience in development and designing. And You can review my relevant work from my attached Portfolio. Let me know when you are available to discuss this further.

        Please take a look at my portfolio

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. Daria Avatar


    My name is Daria, and I represent Klad – a multidisciplinary design syndicate specialising in branding, UI/UX, 3D and motion design. We will gladly take on your logo design and are available to start immediately.

    Your project will take about 4 working days, and the price will be 395 EUR. We will prepare all the materials in Adobe Package and will deliver them in .ai, .png and .svg formats.

    During the past year, we completed over 30 design projects and started long-term partnership relations with most of our clients, for whom we create various design assets weekly. We focus on comprehensive and attention-grabbing design solutions with a high conversion rate, which is why we would be a perfect fit for you.

    You can check out our portfolio via the link below. You can find our branding cases on pages 8-11 and 17-22:

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

  5. Oliver Scully Avatar


    I am a graphic designer with over 7 years of experience, recently moved from a design agency where I worked as a senior designer for the last for years. It would be great to be involved with this project creating a logo for you. I have lots of experience creating brands, logos and visual identities.

    Please find a selection of work here :

    My rate is $250 a day. And it should take around 2 days work.

    All the best,


  6. Amit Maheshwari Avatar
    Amit Maheshwari

    For the last 15 years, we have been an expert in logo & graphic design providing services to 247+ brands and businesses in 19+ countries in more than 1237+ design projects.

    We know A LOGO is a mirror of a brand or business! We design logos with our creativity that make you shine on the web as well as in your customer base.

    Logo starting price from $50 only..

    To see how we can help you, please email me.

  7. Douglas de Souza Avatar

    Hello, nice to meet you!
    I’m a designer specializing in branding and would like to introduce my methods and skills to you.
    Well, I work with two specialties, Brand Design and Packaging Design. I have a degree in Graphic Design and Product Design for about 6 years now, but I have been working as a designer for a little longer. Although I said I have two specialties, I also have skills with Strategic Brand Design, Name Creation, Illustration and UI/UX. I am very ethical and professional, because I believe that creative work requires a lot of ethics, respect and understanding with people and companies, we have different ideas and I believe there is nothing better than knowing the other and understanding their visions to make a good delivery. I have in my resume an international award and works published in two books, one in Asia and the other in Europe. I try to offer excellence and good experience, bringing these stakeholders into the project with a focus on results. To better understand, my work consists of three steps, which are: INCUBATION, MATURITY & SOLIDIFYING, we go deep to understand the whole project and make an excellent delivery, being you part of the whole process. You can notice that it is a very detailed process and that you collaborate in almost every step, this makes the process faster and more assertive, as you can see, there are three steps, according to what I am doing, I will present it to you and, if approved, we will proceed to the next phase, until we reach the end. The steps only proceed with your approval, never without.
    Here you can find some brands I have worked with and developed projects
    If you are interested, I would like to understand your needs and develop a commercial proposal based on the scope of your brand. Any questions you have, just contact me and I will give you all the details you need.
    Thank you,

  8. DMR HAMZA Avatar

    Hello Nina,

    I can design a logo for you just for 50$. The logo will be great and good-looking.


  9. Ajay Kumar Bansal Avatar
    Ajay Kumar Bansal

    Hi, I will help you in Logo design as I have a 25 years of experience in graphic design. I go through your description. Please check my portfolio

    Cost of Logo design $100

    Looking forward to it.

  10. Daniel Lima Avatar

    Hi Nina,

    I hope you’re well.

    I am a conceptual designer and I am interested in collaborating with you in creating the logo for Florida, I have projects for visual identity, logos, deck for presentations, posters, book covers and prints for t-shirts. My design approach is to look at the problem from many different perspectives, always questioning the final idea to see if it’s up to the task, the aesthetic of my works is predominantly minimalist and solid with good typographic knowledge.

    My fee to create a logo is $400

    Let me know your answer.

    Daniel Lima

  11. Vladyslav Smychek Avatar

    Hello, I work in a minimalistic style and think it’s definitely your case. Sure you will like my projects, to give a small grasp of my style just check my portfolio. Your task is apparent, and I am confident we can finish everything within 3-5 days. The price would be 180$.
    Let’s fill out a short brief to discuss all the necessary details

    Best regards,
    Vlad Smychek

  12. Ardian Avatar

    Hi there!
    I just read your job posting and it sounds like you need for a great logo designer! I have a background as a Logo Designer and have been doing this for 9 years. I can work with you to come up with some great concepts for your Logo. Please check my works in the following link:
    My rate for your Logo is $300
    If any of the above sounds interesting, let me know and we can start with your brief today. I’d be curious to hear if you’ve tried any designer until now or you’re still looking?
    Thank you,

  13. Bright Company Avatar
    Bright Company

    I am a designer specialized in designing logos, texts and trade marks
    We can implement a distinctive and innovative logo for you, and the return will be only $ 150. Greetings

  14. Garrett Newton Avatar

    My name is Garrett and I am a Freelance Graphic Designer living in Detroit Michigan.

    I saw you are in need of a logo designer and wanted to apple and see if you would be interested in working together. I have over 13 years of experience working at a design agency as the Art Director/Lead Designer. Now I freelance full time and would love to work together.

    Really appreciate your time checking this out and hope to hear back from you soon.

    Thank you,
    Garrett Newton

  15. Marcos Ramos Celis Avatar

    My name is Marcos Ramos Celis, I am a freelance editorial illustrator and graphic designer.

    I have more than 20 years of experience in the area.

    I have had the opportunity to participate in a publication for the Washington Post, Courrier International (France), 360 ° Magazine (Netherlands) and Expansión Magazine (Mexico). My rate for your logo, with a guideline and files, 600$

    I invite you to check my social networks where my most recent works are found …

    Instagram: @marcos_creative_soup



    My e-mail is, Thanks for your time.

  16. Arturo Antony Avatar

    Hello, my name is Arturo Antony. I’m a graphic designer based in João Pessoa-PB/Brazil. Graphic design is my passion and I want to share this love and knowledge with you guys.

    This is my skills:

    – Brand strategist, so we can build a solid brand together
    – Branding designer, keeping the eye on the details
    – Motion design for brands and social media
    – I love Illustration and big ideas outside the box
    – UI with Figma

    You can find my latest work here

    For more information, please send me an e-mail ( so we can meet together.
    Or text me +55 83 99675 7719


    Att. Arturo Antony

  17. zehra Avatar

    hello how are you i am fine thank you i can design such a simple logo with all my attention and effort i am a student and i want to meet new people i want new ways to improve myself i would be very happy if you do this job with me

  18. Ashley Avatar

    Hi Nina,

    We excel at logo design work!

    You can view our portfolio here:

    We charge a flat rate fee of $350 for our logo design service.

    1. Nina Harris Avatar

      Hello Ashley, I’ve updated job details in the post. Can you read it again and let me know if you can design it? How much would you charge for it?

      1. Ashley Avatar

        Hi Nina,

        Thanks for the update! Our logo design fee would stay the same, $350.

        Feel free to send me an email with any other questions:

      2. MJ Avatar

        good day! Nina

        Hi! I a’m Mark from Philippines what to try my services for this position. I have 5 year experience in advertising Graphic designing (Vector Illustration,Logo designing,Banner. you can give sample and i do it for free then we talk.

        Please take a look at my portfolio


  19. Gail García Avatar

    Hi, this is Gail García, multidisciplinary designer.

    Please review relevant sections of my portfolio here

    My fee is USD 400 per design. Three proposals, delivery within 5 business days and 3 corrections included.

  20. Gaspar Costa Avatar

    Hey Nina,

    My name is Gaspar and I’m an illustrator and graphic designer focusing on brand identity, illustration and hand lettering, based in Portugal.


    I’m reaching out to present my work because I believe it fits within your company’s vision and style. I’m open to discuss a collaboration for the Florida Psychics’ logo redesign.

    I can easily work on this project with a flat rate of 500€ (euro).
    I can deliver the PSD, AI, PDF, EPS, PNG and JPEG files of the final logo;

    Let me know your thoughts, Nina. 🙂

    Gaspar Costa

  21. Vlad Avatar

    Hello, I propose to do your work in a minimalist style and I think that this is exactly your case. You can see my portfolio . I think I can design a logo for you in 3-5 days. The price will be $150.
    You will need to fill out a short brief to discuss all the necessary details.

  22. Satinder Avatar


    My name is Satinder Dhillon, I am an Art Director & Designer. I specialize in branding, illustration and animation.

    I am passionate about art, design and searching for new ways to disrupt conventional thinking when it comes to creating in the design industry.

    I believe I am a good fit for this role based on my portfolio of work.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.



  23. Ricardo Avatar

    Hello! I am a designer specialized in branding design. I only invite you to verify my portfolio on behance

  24. Hamdi El Ali Avatar
    Hamdi El Ali

    This gig would cost you around 300-350 $ only

  25. Ned Gonzalez Avatar
    Ned Gonzalez


    I would like to apply for the logo design position. This project will cost about $300. You can visit my portfolio at

  26. Randa Tawal Avatar
    Randa Tawal

    Referring to your request and what you want to design, I have read the requirement accurately, and I am fully prepared to implement the required efficiently, with high quality, according to the vision you want, and to hand you all the required files.

    The price of the logo is $250
    Waiting for you to contact me and see my work


  27. Bahri Elyes Avatar
    Bahri Elyes

    As a skilled and experienced article writer, I am excited to apply for the opportunity to work with your company on a freelance basis. I have 3 years of experience in the industry, and I have a strong portfolio of work that showcases my ability to craft compelling and informative content for a variety of audiences.

    I am highly skilled in research and analysis, and I have a keen eye for detail. I am also a strong communicator and collaborator, and I have a proven track record of working effectively with cross-functional teams to develop and execute successful content marketing campaigns.

    I am confident that my skills and experience make me an ideal candidate for this opportunity, and I am eager to bring my expertise to your team. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss how I can contribute to the success of your company as a freelance article writer.

  28. Mohamed ali Avatar
    Mohamed ali

    I am a very talented graphic designer with a passion for creating logos, designs and artwork in general. I have been working with a lot of local brands and companies for the last 3 years now.
    Referring to your request and what you want to design, I have read the requirement and I am fully prepared to implement the required efficiently, with high quality, according to the vision you want, my greetings

  29. Ibrahim Avatar

    You can my and then if you like it we my work together

  30. Rehan Ghani Avatar
    Rehan Ghani

    Hello there

    I am Rehan Ghani, a Brand Designer based in India creating Unique Logos & Brandings for Clients all around the globe. I just saw your job post and would love the opportunity to design the Branding for your company!

    Please take a look at my logos and my previous projects



    Please do message if you need my services, i will be glad to work with you and design the Branding as per your vision!

    Hope to hear from you soon !


  31. Ms. Anastasia Lamanskaya Avatar
    Ms. Anastasia Lamanskaya

    The price for logo starts wth 500 USD.
    We can have dialogue about the brand
    in zoom or skype. Please, let me know, if
    designer must find 80 – 100 quality de –
    sign examples in same business category
    for future dialogue.


    Please, contact me for more information.

  32. Jay Ng Avatar
    Jay Ng

    Is there an email where I can send you my cost for the logo creation?

  33. Ibtasam Asghar Avatar
    Ibtasam Asghar

    Hi Nina !
    I have experience over 4 years of making any kind of logo.
    I can make this logo.
    i will take as much money as you can easily give .

  34. youssef mohamed elsharbatly Avatar
    youssef mohamed elsharbatly

    I am excited to apply for the opportunity to work with your company on a freelance basis. I have 12 years of experience in the industry, and I have a strong portfolio of work that showcases my ability to craft compelling and informative content for a variety of audiences.

    I am highly skilled in research and analysis, and I have a keen eye for detail. I am also a strong communicator and collaborator, and I have a proven track record of working effectively with cross-functional teams to develop and execute successful content marketing campaigns.

    I am confident that my skills and experience make me an ideal candidate for this opportunity, and I am eager to bring my expertise to your team. Thank you for considering my application.
    i’ve a social media company in egypt

  35. youssef mohamed elsharbatly Avatar
    youssef mohamed elsharbatly

    I am excited to apply for the opportunity to work with your company on a freelance basis. I have 12 years of experience in the industry, and I have a strong portfolio of work that showcases my ability to craft compelling and informative content for a variety of audiences.
    I am confident that my skills and experience make me an ideal candidate for this opportunity, and I am eager to bring my expertise to your team. Thank you for considering my application.
    i’ve a social media company in egypt

  36. youssef mohamed elsharbatly Avatar
    youssef mohamed elsharbatly

    i’ve a social media company in egypt
    and i hope to work with you

  37. Anil Avatar

    Yes absolutely i can design your logo for $350,
    By the Way I’m Anil, working as Lead Visual and UI UX Designer.

    If you give me the opportunity then i’ll start working on your project.


  38. Hashir Mughal Avatar
    Hashir Mughal

    Hy I’m graphics designier I’m looking for works we design logo, business card poster design CV e.t.c

  39. Migel Avatar


    I have a great concept for your logo which will satisfy your expectations,
    Your can check my Behance Profile to create an idea about my work.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  40. Khalid Nawaz Avatar
    Khalid Nawaz

    Hello, I am Khalid Nawaz. I will be happy to help with your project.

    — I develop a stylish unique design.
    — I take responsibility for my work.
    — It’s easy and comfortable with me.

    — Development of the corporate style of the brand
    — Logo design/Brand Guidelines
    — Design of printed products
    — Package design
    — Instagram design

    My Profile link:


  41. Evans Debrah Avatar
    Evans Debrah

    Hi please i am ready to work for for you and give a better output. I charge $50 for every work i do

    1. Nina Harris Avatar

      Do you have experience in designing linear outline vector image? any examples?

  42. Dale Avatar

    I would be happy to do you’re logo.
    For one logo, 1024×1024, unlimited revisions, PNG and PSD files: 125.00$
    Delivered in 3 days.

    Take a look at my portfolio!

    Have a nice day !

  43. Fernando Blandino Avatar
    Fernando Blandino

    My name is Fernando Blandino
    I´m freelancer Designer
    i can design your logo for $50,


  44. Teddy Alejandro Bolaños Perez Avatar
    Teddy Alejandro Bolaños Perez

    Hi, I’m Teddy, a graphic designer and I’m interested in your offer.
    I would like to know more about the offer.
    For a basic logo, prices would be $200 if you’re interested I have happy to work with you.

  45. Sogand Avatar


    I hope this email finds you well. I can submit the project within 4 days max, and the rate for the logo will be around 90 – 100 $. I have worked with several companies so far and you can find out about the logos on my behance profile.



  46. Timur Avatar

    Hello! I will make a logo for $300. My portfolio

  47. Inna Maliutina Avatar
    Inna Maliutina

    Hello! I will be happy to help you with this!
    one logo with a branding guide and a set of formats will cost 50 euros, the deadline from the brief to v1 will be completed in 1-2 days

  48. Khori Lewis Avatar
    Khori Lewis

    Good afternoon,
    I would be absolutely honored to work with you on creating a new logo design for you for an affordable price.
    If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to me as soon as possible.
    Portfolio on Behance:

  49. Rohit Biswas Avatar
    Rohit Biswas


    Logo Design Charge – 499$ (USD) including 3-4 variations (with colour). Timeline 2-3 weeks.

    Feel free to reach out.

    Thank you!

  50. bakhrudin ja'far Avatar
    bakhrudin ja’far

    Hi Nina,

    Hope you are doing well,

    We want to offer logo design services for the brands you need right now, don’t hesitate because you can see my portfolio as proof of other brands entrusting us to make their logos.

    About myself, About me, Ja’far Professional Graphic Designer and Logo Designer with 5 years experience. I can create a logo design for your business that is meaningful and timeless.
    If you are looking for any of these services then please let us know.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Thank you,

  51. Olena Avatar

    Hi, my name is Olena and I can help you create a cool logo which you can use anywhere, as it will be in different formats (ai, pdf, png, jpg) in a few days and at a good price.

  52. Nghĩa Lê Avatar
    Nghĩa Lê

    I am a Graphic Designer, im inrested in America vintage culture and it’s look like your Job topic requirement and I would love to work on your job
    With your subject, I will try to recreact an outlined illustrated vector logo with classic drawing style like the logo on the Florida Flags.
    The pricerange for the Logo would be between $90 to $150
    Here is a link to my Portfolio and my recently work

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  53. Faisal Nawaz Avatar
    Faisal Nawaz

    My name is Faisal nawaz, I am a freelance graphic designer I can design logo for $100

    my email:


  54. Dinesh Avatar

    i am intrested to make this logo
    i am freelaner and you can check my portfolio on behance
    i am fresher but i am already handle 8-9 logo project and
    i am charge only 15$ one logo

  55. Bushi Avatar

    Hello, I’m a Graphic Designer with 4 years of experience I can design your logo in $80.

  56. Alizaib Jatoi Avatar
    Alizaib Jatoi

    My name is Alizaib Jatoi, I can make your blogs logo for only few budget anything you want to or not.

  57. Moeez Ahmed Avatar
    Moeez Ahmed

    My name is Moeez. I have a degree in Graphic Design and 13 years of experience in well-researched logo design and brand development. You can review examples of my logo work below and if you are looking for similar high-quality for your brand, please hire me for the project so I can share the logo creative brief form with you.

    Logo Design price is only $300 USD

    I’m happy to provide you with any additional information you might need.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Moeez Ahmed | Creative Director
    Creative art

  58. kakha Avatar

    Hello , i have big experience to create any type creative assets.

    1. Nina Harris Avatar

      Hello, Not sure if you have read the JD. Can you red it again. We need linear outline vector image, all details are in the job. It will not be a silhouettes image but outline image, Let me know if you can do this and how much do you want for this?

  59. Md Husain Kabir Avatar
    Md Husain Kabir

    Are you there?
    I am a Graphic Designer with 5 years of Adobe illustrator And Adobe photoshop adobe After Effects, adobe premiere pro experience. I’m providing Graphic Design Service. I am great at logo design, Banner Design, Social Media, Print Design, Business Card Design, Stationery design, Brochure Design, Flyer Design design, Icons design. I have a lot of different ideas about any design related. This logo design is perfect if you need a simple logo and video editing, or logo animation. I’m an expert and professional logo designer. I can make your modern logo beautifully 100% guaranteed. please check my profile. then inbox me. Try believing me once. I will make your logo much better. Can I help you? please message. I will give you world-class design and first delivery. please check its previous job.
    Have a nice Day
    Thank you
    Kind Regards
    go to the link

  60. Zeeshan Avatar


    Good day,
    I am interested to create Florida Physics logo design.

    I have more than a decade of graphic design experience. I’ve worked with thousands of clients over my career. I am highly skilled in creative design, branding, re-branding, graphic design and corporate identity.

    You can check out my work here:

    If you think I’m a good fit for this job, don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Kind regards,

  61. Mladen Miljkovic Avatar
    Mladen Miljkovic


    I saw your ad and thought I could help you with my skills. I have previous creations I’ve made for clients featured on my profile.
    I am working in Illustrator and Photoshop. I’m ready to work, I have very good knowledge.
    I am 16 years old and I am coming from Serbia.
    I hope you will like my work and we will have a successful cooperation.

    Miljkovic Mladen

  62. Diana Avatar

    I am very interested in your project, in my portfolio you can see my latest projects:

    I have about 4 years of experience in design, as well as a higher education in design (bachelor).
    In my experience, there are more than 10 successfully executed logos and almost 30 satisfied customers.

    I have also been working as a freelancer for about 4 years. I have excellent knowledge in programs: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign.

    I am engaged in the development of logos and corporate style, the design of outdoor advertising and the layout of printed publications: magazines, catalogs, guides, etc.

  63. Raja Gopen Biswas Avatar
    Raja Gopen Biswas

    Dear Nina,

    I would like to write articles about love & relationships and also about tarot reading.
    I would charge 100$ per article.

    Let me know.


  64. ghifari Avatar

    Hi, assalamualaikum..
    Introducing My name is Ghifari, Graphic designer from Indonesia.. we have 10 years of experience in the field of branding design, God willing, we can work on your project wholeheartedly and follow the wishes of the client by working professionally.
    please check a small part of my portfolio on behanc..

    Ghifari Bayu Arriyandita 🙂

  65. Ahmed Avatar

    Hi there,
    My name is ahmed im looking for making this logo for you
    Logo price is $70 USD.

    thanks ..

  66. Hassan AMHARRAR Avatar
    Hassan AMHARRAR

    Dear Nina,

    I would like to apply for this Project, You’ll find my works in the links down bellow: You’ll find all the links on my behance profile.

    I would charge 400$ for this particular work and whatever files you need, with unlimited revisions.

    if you’re interested, and you liked my works please let me know.


  67. Parth Jesur Avatar
    Parth Jesur


    Hope you’re doing good!

    I just came across your post that you’re looking for a freelancer, I will be glad to take this as an opportunity to work with you and help you with Graphic designs as per your willingness.

    I’ve 4+ years of experience with Graphic designing that includes logo creation, banner designer, package design, creating various other brand identities, and etc.

    Can you please be more specific and provide some more information on your requirements that what exactly you’re looking for? So that I can review it and update you further on moving ahead with this project.

    Please have a look at our recently designed portfolio

    Feel free to share your thoughts and let me know if you have any questions.

    Your regards, Parth jesur.

  68. Mfon Ikpima Avatar
    Mfon Ikpima

    Hi Nina,

    I have seen the samples you’ve sent as that which appeals to your desired logo and I want to assure you that this is a very simple thing for me to deliver to you within a day and at an affordable price of $200 only. I’m an astute conceptual creative designer with expertise over 12 years in the design industry. You can check out my Behance portfolio for your information :

    If you feel comfortable with this, please go ahead and hit my email : let me help you take your brand to the next level.

    Many thanks

  69. Amr youssef Avatar
    Amr youssef

    I’d like to share my logo with you can you send me your email

    1. Nina Harris Avatar

      If you have read job description and understand what we need then you can email me ninaharrispsychic @

  70. amr elwardany Avatar
    amr elwardany

    Senior Graphic Designer
    To be one of your Creatives that can help in achieving your Brand Presence also your Brand Goals .

    I have 8 Years of experience , I design graphics for use in media products such as magazines, labels, advertising and signage, UI. Typical activities include:

    managing client proposals from typesetting through to design, print and production .
    working with clients, briefing and advising them with regard to design style, format, print production and timescales

  71. Dexter William Avatar
    Dexter William

    I can create an eye-catching and attractive Logo design for you as per your requirements.
    I have over 8+ years of experience in Graphic Design and Art Work.
    I have attached a few links to get some idea about my work.

    (T-Shirt Design):

    (NFT ArtWork):

    (Logo Design):

    (3D Logo):

    (Character Illustration):

    (Cartoon Character):

    (2D Animation/3D Animation):

    Can we proceed further in chat and discuss everything in detail?
    Waiting for a positive response from your side.

    Thank you.

  72. Denma Avatar

    Senior Graphics Designer
    I will design your logo for $5

  73. Luniverse Avatar


    I’ll make the logo for 10$.

  74. santino Avatar

    hola mi nombre es Santino y quiero aplicar al puesto de diseño de logotipo, te dejo mi pagina de behance donde publico mis trabajos: uso programas como illustrator y Photoshop ya hace 2 años aunque todo los días se aprende algo nuevo, mi tarifa por un logo esta rondando los 10usd.

  75. Viktoria Kazimova Avatar

    Hello! I’m Viktoria and I’m minimalistic logo designer. I can do your logo fast and quality. I need 5 days to make perfect design.
    Also you’ll get
    -Colour palette of project
    -Professional logo presentation
    The price for this job is 30$.

  76. Mario Avatar

    Hi! How are you?
    I am a brand designer with more than 9 years of experience in the field of communication.
    I am available for your project and the amount for it is $500.
    Visit my portfolio to learn more about my work and if you are interested, we can talk further.

  77. SHYAMJITH PP Avatar

    Hi There,
    Let me introduce myself, I am Shyamjith
    I have been working as a Creative Director (Art) in Advertising agencies for more than 17 years. I have experience working with MNCs like Grey Worldwide and FCB Ulka, Have handled various category brands such as National and International which required marketing supports like ATL, BTL, B2B, Digital .

    Creativity, Conceptualization, Art Direction, and team leadership
    You can view a few of my works by clicking this link-

  78. Muhammad Rizwan Avatar
    Muhammad Rizwan

    Hi there,

    Looks like you are looking for Logo i will be the right person for your project because i have expertise in the skills which are crucial for your project

    I’ve been working as a Graphic Designer specializing in logo design, brand identity for more than 6+ years.

    Have a look on my Portfolio

    Dont worry about the budget we can discuss this in private

    Muhammad Rizwan

  79. Lewis Ogomo Avatar
    Lewis Ogomo

    hello am Lewis, am a graphic designer I wanna make that logo …..let me do the task (free) its Christmas

  80. Joevito Tanujaya Avatar
    Joevito Tanujaya


    My name is Joevito Tanujaya,
    I want to apply for article writing
    position, I have been freelancing since 3 years as an article writer

    My rate 20$ / 1000 word

    Thank you,
    Joevito Tanujaya

  81. Aiman Ibrahim Avatar
    Aiman Ibrahim

    Hi I’m Aiman Ibrahim and I am a freelance graphic designer. I can help you to make this logo and it looks really exciting. For price
    I believe that the great logo is about more than just aesthetics, it’s about communicating your brand message effectively. And my main focus would be that. I would charge 300$ for a logo with 3 rounds of revisions. I would suggest multiple color palettes and I will work with the one that will get approved.
    I am sending a link to my portfolio, if you’re interested in hiring me as your graphic designer, please feel free to reach out!
    Instagram handle @design_byaim

  82. Tina Marie Avatar
    Tina Marie

    Hello, I saw your job posting on Behance.

    I am very interested and believe I can help you create the perfect logo.
    I am open to hearing your budget for the work you need done and coming to a price agreement :).

    Please contact me via email or Behance.

    Thank you so much,

  83. Sherry Tariq Avatar
    Sherry Tariq

    Hello Nina.

    I hope you’re doing well. I can provide you with a logo on a 50$ budget. I’ve been working as a designer since the last 3 years. Apart from that I can also cover the 1000 word blogs for you with ease. I usually charge 25$ per 1000 words. Hope to hear back from you soon so I can share my samples with you. Thanks!

  84. Pris Avatar

    I can do it for $60 US

  85. Haitham Ghonaem Avatar
    Haitham Ghonaem

    I am graphic designer
    My experience is more than 15 years, in all kind of graphic designs and advertising (social media, branding, company profiles, die cuts, corporate identity, product packaging, advertisements, and all printing, etc….)

    Cost of Logo design $150

    Kindly check portfolio behance link.

  86. Thisum Deemantha Avatar
    Thisum Deemantha

    hi There,

    I am a freelance graphic designer. i can make you a perfect logo for you.
    I will design your logo for $10.

    My portfolio
    Google Drive

    Thank you.

  87. Megan Elica Avatar
    Megan Elica

    Have a good day! Is this still available? It would be my great honor to be accepted in this job. Looking forward for a response. Thank you!

    Also, I can do it for 25$ budget if you may.

  88. Maja Jaroszewska Avatar
    Maja Jaroszewska

    Hi, i will be happy to make your logo. I can do it for 25$.
    Thank you

    link to my portfolio:

  89. Shiraz Jamal Avatar
    Shiraz Jamal

    I will design the logo as per your brand just for 100$ dollars.
    Please check out my portfolio and my work style.

  90. Sacha Avatar

    I’ve do a clean logo on Adobe Illustrator an convert to .psd, i’ve 4 versions and can send it on Gmail/Anything else
    i sell it for only 15$ and you can pay after you see my logo.

  91. Color Clause Avatar
    Color Clause

    Hi, I will design this Florida Logo very easily with a professional look. Hope you love the design. I will design this for only $20.

  92. Md Taj Avatar
    Md Taj

    Hii I am here to make your business professionals from my logo

  93. Lucas Irrera Avatar
    Lucas Irrera

    Hi, i want to apply for the logo redesign job. I think togheter we can make a great work!

  94. Vehand Damiryan Avatar
    Vehand Damiryan

    Hello, I am Vehand, work as a graphic designer for more than 1.5 years. I will create a logo for $10. Examples of my works can be seen in Behance.

  95. Ifra Zafar Avatar
    Ifra Zafar

    I would like to apply for article writing and logo designing too.

  96. Soludetech Avatar

    Nous sommes une équipe composé de développeur web, de Designer, de rédacteur Web et de Community Manager.
    J’ai vu votre offre et cela a attiré mon attention d’où j’ai décidé de postuler pour ce projet afin d’apporter une solution satisfaisante à ce présent Projet.

    Pour le Logo le tarif sera de 320$.
    Pour la rédaction de contenu le tarif pour 1000 mots, peu importe le sujet sera de 260 $
    Notre E-mail :

  97. Daniells David Avatar
    Daniells David

    Hello, I would like to be your article writer, I would charge 70 dollars for each. here is an example of the divorce theme. Divorce is a legal process that dissolves a marriage. It can be a difficult decision to make and can have significant impacts on the lives of both spouses and any children involved.

    There are several reasons why people decide to get divorced. Some of the main reasons include infidelity, abuse, irreconcilable differences, and significant changes in one spouse’s life, such as changing jobs or moving residence. Regardless of the reason, divorce can be an emotionally difficult process for everyone involved.

    There are several ways to get a divorce. The most common way is through a judicial divorce, where a judge makes the final decisions on issues such as child custody, division of property and food. However, it is also possible to obtain a divorce by agreement between the spouses, without the intervention of a judge. This type of divorce is known as a consensual divorce or divorce by mutual agreement.

  98. Aravind Kola Avatar
    Aravind Kola

    Hello there!
    I am ARAVIND KOLA, a Computers graduate. I have been creative and had a passion for designing since my school days and I love painting, photography, learning new things, and watching movies.

    I always set my priorities well and try to achieve the set goals on time.I have always wanted to do something in designing, creating something valuable.

    Not long ago I came across this profession called user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designer. I started learning about it right away and still have a lot to learn.

    I am seeking internships in the field of UI/UX design to gain real-life experience. Thanks.

  99. Роман Тягун Avatar
    Роман Тягун

    Hi there! I am interested in your proposal for a logo and would be happy to make one for you. I have added a link to my portfolio. You’ll love your new logo, I promise. I am a beginner web designer, so I ask only 10 – 15 dollars for the work.

  100. Attila Szabo Avatar
    Attila Szabo


    I am a professional graphic designer. The best is if you check my portfolio, maybe my style fits to your idea.
    All logos I have made are unique and full of precise details. A serious logo needs around 3 weeks to be completely ready
    the price is around 800$.

  101. Edwin perilla Avatar
    Edwin perilla


    Graphic designer and illustrator, I am dedicated to advertising illustration and identity design, I am co-founder of Ead-studio a small design and communication studio. I have more than 5 years of experience in the industry working with international brands in countries such as China, Germany, India and Spain.

    Please email me to send you a quote for logo design and turnaround time, thank you.

    I look forward to hearing from you

  102. Daniela Avatar

    Hi I interested in this opportunity, please send me more information. Daniela

  103. Lucia Arguello Avatar
    Lucia Arguello

    Hello! how are you? My name is Lucia Arguello, I am a designer of logos, flyers, brochures, flyers. I specialize in creating logos to empower companies that are willing and committed to take your company to another world.

    I manage through interaction with the client, in order to generate an identity, what you want to get, generate with the logo, your goals, beliefs, what you want to see, the reflection, as well as if you acquire special colors in mind or any idea to take better advantage of the project.

    The cost is only USD $100 the same value of a pair of sunglasses!

    I offer you:

    – I offer you something UNIQUE, in the world.
    – I assure you that a logo can boost your company.
    – I want to be part of helping you to achieve it.

  104. Natalie Avatar

    I would be interested in writing for your website. Please contact me with more information

  105. Maharshi Mehta Avatar
    Maharshi Mehta

    Hi Nina,

    I will draw a catchy outline logo for your enterprise in just 350$.

    portfolio –

    Thank you,

  106. Jane Kiss Avatar
    Jane Kiss

    I am a designer with over 15 years of experience. I have experience in ball design and also many awards from international competitions. I guarantee that the design created by me will be professional and will serve you for years. Logos are my favorite topic and it’s a new challenge for everyone. Not every designer can create a good and functional logo. Please contact me.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Sincerely, Jane Kiss, Austria

  107. Jon Avatar

    If you want a ”nice professional looking logo” which will be also functional, you should rather discuss what the logo should be like with a designer, none of the attached examples are logos, but illustrations, also your brief is terrible.

  108. Aditya Vaidya Avatar
    Aditya Vaidya

    Hello! I have an experience in Graphic Designing of 3 years. To date, I have created logos for a wide variety of companies and brands ranging from fresh startups to well-established corporate offices; and even restaurants. You can have a small peak at my work by visiting my Behance portfolio link mentioned below:

    If you wish to see more of my work, please reach out to me at my email id:

  109. Demi Avatar

    Hi there,

    I have experience with making logos and labels for local businesses here in Canada. I have created a logo for you if you’d like to see it please let me know! 🙂 I would charge $50 for the design.

    You can also check out some of my other designs on my Behance portfolio below:

    You can contact me through email at

    Thank you for your consideration!
    Demi Beaulieu

  110. Milad Avatar

    Hey, This is Milad Brand Identity designer. Before placing your order you should know about me. The logo is the main identity of your brand. So you should find out a creative person. Who can create Unique Logos? Who has a creative mind? I’m here to do your brand identity creative logo. Feel free to knock me to discuss your Logo identity.



  111. Marina Po Avatar
    Marina Po

    Good afternoon,

    I am writing to apply for the opportunity to design a logo for Florida Psychics. As a professional graphic designer with experience in logo design and branding, I believe I would be a strong fit for this project.

    In addition to designing a stand-alone logo for Florida Psychics, I would also like to offer a branding package. I believe this would be the best approach for your company, as a cohesive branding strategy goes beyond just a logo. A branding package would include a range of design elements, such as a color palette, font choices, and graphic elements, to create a consistent and cohesive brand identity across all marketing materials.

    There are several reasons why a branding package is the best approach:

    Consistency: A branding package ensures that all of your marketing materials have a consistent look and feel, which helps to build recognition and credibility for your company.

    Cohesiveness: A branding package brings together all of the different elements of your brand, such as your logo, color palette, and font choices, to create a cohesive and unified identity.

    Flexibility: A branding package provides you with a range of design elements that can be used in a variety of contexts, such as social media, website, and print materials.

    Long-term value: Investing in a branding package now will save time and resources in the long run, as you won’t have to worry about creating new designs for each marketing campaign.

    I am confident that my skills and experience in logo and branding design would be an asset to Florida Psychics. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further and how I can contribute to the success of your company.


  112. nouman Avatar

    I want job logo design

  113. Dmitry Avatar

    Hello, I’m Dmitry!

    I have experience in creating a logo. I will make you a high-quality logo in a short time!

    Logo price – $70

    Link to my portfolio below:

  114. charith nimantha Avatar
    charith nimantha

    I specialized in graphic design and illustrations. I’m very responsive and I will try to respond your messages as soon as possible. If a customer is satisfied with my designs, that’s my happiness too. – Best price with 100% satisfaction. – Good Communication. – 100% satisfaction guarantee. – Project delivery within on time. My expertise includes – Logo Design – Packaging Design – Social Media Post Design – Menu Cards Design – Branding – Illustration – Leaflets – Poster Design – Banner Design – Business Cards – Letterheads – Flyer Design – Brochure Design – T-shirt Design Feel free to contact me anytime!

  115. David Dirjan Avatar
    David Dirjan

    Hi! Maybe I’m late…

    My name is Dirjan David. I have my own digital agency. I do websites, software, online marketing and branding (I also edit blogs). If you are interested in any of my services please contact me. I would be happy to work with you. I offer invoice.

  116. Hasmik Avatar

    Hello there!
    My name is Hasmik, I’m a graphic designer. I can realize your creative ideas, as I specialize in logo design and branding, poster design, illustrations, packaging design. I will be glad to cooperate with you.

    Logo price – $250
    Link to my portfolio below:

  117. Estamper Avatar

    Hi, my name is Juan
    I’m a new graphic designer. I make logo designs and branding, illustrations.
    “I would be delighted to promote your website with a creative and adaptable proposal”.
    – Logo (100$)
    Link to my Instagram:

  118. Rehan Saeed Avatar
    Rehan Saeed

    Hi! I am offering my services for this position. I have rock solid expertise of Graphic designing (Vector Illustration,Logo designing,Banner designing,Business card designing,T.Shirt Designing,Flyer designing).
    I think am the best fit for this position.
    You may visit my profile to analyze quality of designing.

    I will charge $20 for this logo.

    Kindly send me a message and let me design this logo.

  119. Mohammed Tareq Saad Aboutalep Avatar
    Mohammed Tareq Saad Aboutalep

    Hello there!
    My name is Moo , I’m Egyptian graphic designer. I can realize your creative ideas, as I specialize in logo design and branding

    I will charge $100 for this logo.

    My Behance profile

  120. Camilo Andrés Suescún Díaz Avatar
    Camilo Andrés Suescún Díaz

    Hi, nice to meet you!

    My portfolio is on my profile for you to check it out 🙂

    I hope to get in touch with you, best regards !

    My portfolio:

    for this work I can charge between 200 to 400 dollars.

  121. Efe Avatar

    Hi, my name is efe. I’m student from turkey. If you want I have already logo for you. cost 20 dolar. If you ınterested reply and let me show you the logo I prepared, if you like it, you pay. Have a nice day!

  122. islam Avatar

    Hello, my name is Islam and I live in Algeria and I am a great logo designer as requested, I can design a professional logo

  123. Sunny Avatar

    Hi, my name is Sunny
    I’m a new graphic designer. I make logo designs and branding, illustrations.
    “I would be delighted to promote your website with a creative and adaptable proposal”.
    – Logo

  124. Pranali Mahadik Avatar
    Pranali Mahadik

    Hey! Myself Pranali Mahadik currently pursuing bba in global e business and i have interest in graphic designing. I have done a logo according to your convenience. Kindly reply to have further chat first see my logo then you decide payment. And I’ll be happy even if you would see my work and correct me further. Thankyou

  125. NAZISH ISHFAQ Avatar


  126. Catherine Arellano Avatar
    Catherine Arellano


    My name is Catherine and I’m a skilled Graphic, traditional artist, and web/app developer with years of experience. I was hoping to see if my level of expertise would be a match since I do have a strong core for problem-solving and sharp visualization skills.

  127. rio dimaz Avatar
    rio dimaz

    Exactly looks like you’re having a problem with the design. Incidentally I am an experienced Grapic Design will help you

  128. Ignacio Torre Avatar
    Ignacio Torre

    Hola! Soy Diseñador Gráfico con cinco años de experiencia.
    Éste es mi portfolio
    Realizaré el trabajo por $80 usd.

  129. Abu Zahid Zuhin Avatar
    Abu Zahid Zuhin

    I am willing to work. After seeing everything, if you feel qualified, you can give the job. (I need work)

    Abu Zahid Zuhin
    Graphic Designer.
    Creative graphic designer with innovative ideas and a unique approach to visuals.

    Gaibandha 5740

    Logo&Brand Identity Designer
    January 2019 – PRESENT

    99designs LogoDesigner
    January – 2022 PRESENT

    Logo Design
    Brand Identity Design
    Graphic Design
    Banner Design
    Social Media Ad Design

    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator

    Budget $100usd

    Lotus Addiction Therapy
    Logo Design

    Blockchain Security Startup
    Logo Design


  130. Artur A Avatar
    Artur A

    Hello Nina.

    My name is Artur. I am a graphic designer located in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have a solid experience in making logos and would like to offer my service for a reasonable price. You can check some of my graphic design projects on my Behance.

    Kind regards

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